What to wear to your first pole/aerial class?

One of the worst things about starting a new fitness class is always picking the right outfit. You want to feel confident but also need to remember that functionality is the most important. When it comes to pole and aerial fitness clothes, this is even more important, considering the extra grip you’ll need once you get the hang of it.

Because we offer so many classes and it’s a question we get asked frequently, this blog post should solve any problems you might have before turning up to your first class. Choosing what to wear for your first pole or aerial class doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve broken down clothing for various classes into one blog post, so no matter which class you’re trying, you’ll know what to wear.

Pole Class Clothing

Probably one of the trickiest classes to dress for at any studio is a pole class. As a beginner, it can be tempting to go out and buy all new pole dance wear but we recommend using what you have until you become a regular and move onto more intermediate skills.

With that being said, you should also wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Most of our students start off in leggings and a fitted top to begin with. You don’t want any excess fabric flapping around that may interfere with gripping the pole so the tighter the clothing, the better for pole dancing classes. However, a loose t-shirt and joggers or leggings are totally cool to start off with.

When you feel more comfortable, a sports bra and fitness shorts are your best bet. The more tricks you learn, the more grip you’ll learn. Your bare skin is so much better than soft fabrics to cling onto the pole as you get more advanced. Think about it, you don’t want your clothing to make you slide down the pole during your newly acquired moves! You want to hold yourself up using whatever skin you can: hands, feet, thighs, armpits, and stomach.

Once you’ve picked what to wear to your first pole class, the more advanced you get, you could get yourself some pole dancing attire. These items have been specifically designed for pole dancing classes and always make you feel like a million dollars. With cut-outs where you need them to be to funky colours and patterns, you can reflect your personality in the outfit you have on. As long as you feel confident in it, it’s the right outfit. Some of our students with bigger busts also swear by wearing two sports bras or a sports bra under a crop top, so just as a way to say, please do wear whatever makes you feel your best and most comfortable!

If required, layers can be a great idea. If your class has an extensive warm up or cooldown portion, you might want to start off in a pair of jogging bottoms and a comfortable top until you’re fully limber for pole work. Yoga socks can be a good idea when doing any floor stretches if you’re prone to slipping. However, when it comes to pole work, bare feet are the best way to go.

Heels Pole Class Clothing

If you’ve signed up for a heels pole class, of course, heels are recommended but you don’t have to go all out initially and we say deffo start in socks and invest in some pole heels once you get into a rhythm with classes. When you do decide to wear heels, they must have some sort of fastening or buckle. Slip-on heels are a disaster, one spin around the pole and your heel will be flying towards somebody’s head! Whilst bruises are common in pole classes, we try to avoid injuring others!

The more classes you take, the more you’ll need to wear a pair of heels. You’ll be learning how to use your feet more and whilst socked feet are great, you really can’t replicate the correct placements without heels on. You’ll also need to learn how to balance properly in heels, which if you’ve ever learned to walk in them as a teenager can be tricky! Don’t worry, your teachers will be able to recommend the best heels for you to get started with, from the platform height, to brands and styles, your teachers will guide you when you are ready to purchase your first pair!

Trust us when we say when you start wearing heels for your classes, you’ll turn into a new person. They bring out your sassy and performance side and increase those oh so important confidence levels, even when wearing regular pole dancing attire! However, socks can work for your first couple of classes. It’s all about becoming more sure of yourself and then taking the next step. It can be as simple as slipping on a pair of heels!

We also recommend wearing kneepads, especially as beginners but also when stepping up your skill level and learning new moves. They’re not a necessity but the older you get, the more thankful you might be for them!

Aerial Hoop Class Clothing

When it comes to what to wear for an aerial hoop class, it’s always recommended that you cover the backs of your knees. Wearing leggings are the best bet to help protect your legs. They must be tight to your body and be easy to move in. You don’t want anything getting tangled up when you’re up in the air. You’ll have enough to think about controlling your limbs without having to think if your trousers are caught or your top is falling off! You will start to go upside down fairly quickly in aerial hoop, so a good sports bra is one to invest in especially if you have a bigger bust and are a bit worried about popping out! Don’t worry though as we have plenty of wardrobe malfunctions especially when upside down, so it’s no biggie for us and totally ok to take a little while finding the perfect clothing for you and your hoop sesh!

Aerial Fabrics Class Clothing

Whether it’s sling or silks, tight fitting clothing like leggings and a fitted top is a must again. You need to be free to move around but without excess fabric hanging around. You’ll have enough fabric to deal with aerially without your clothing being too baggy! Please cover armpits for hygiene reasons too. Long sleeves aren’t a necessity but short sleeves are a must.

It might seem silly but avoid low-rise bottoms and low-cut tops. You can’t be pulling your leggings up every five minutes during a move and if you’re upside down, a higher cut neck might make you feel a bit more secure! Plenty of us have had wardrobe malfunctions during a class though so don’t feel embarrassed if you forget beforehand. Same as with hoop, we do start to go upside down fairly early on so a good sports bra is always a feel-good investment!

Chinese Flying Pole Class Clothing

For those feeling a little more adventurous, a Chinese flying pole class is the next step up from a regular pole or aerial class. However, the same rules apply when it comes to attire. Full coverage, tight-fitting clothes are required, just like in our aerial classes. However, long sleeves and leggings are a better option. The less skin you have on show, the better as the pole is silicone, so not slippy at all so can be brutal!

Unlike most classes, thick socks are also a must here. Our Chinese poles are silicone. That means burns do happen, especially to the top of your feet, but don’t be scared, it’s totally worth it!

Flex classes

In between our specialised classes, many of our students like taking our flex classes. They might be tough while you’re pushing yourself but trust us when we say, you’ll perform better in your other classes because of it!

Because of the amount of stretching you’ll be doing, your usual gym wear or pole dance wear is the perfect clothing. You need to be comfortable but also free to stretch your entire body out, that means ready-made stretchy clothing.

A note for all classes

Some things we tell you not to wear are anything with zips and absolutely no jewellery. These are all for safety reasons and we want you to feel as safe as possible! We also advise not having long nails. You need as much grip as possible with your hands and long fingernails can dig in and prevent you from doing so. Short nails can still be pretty! Also, wearing your hair back means that it’s less in your face when doing your tricks. You can fully concentrate on getting your body into the right places when your hair isn’t annoying you. Most of it is common sense on what to wear to your first class though (or not to in this case)!

It might seem ridiculous but all you have to do is ask! Ask your instructor for advice (we promise you they don’t bite) and other students at the studio for recommendations. Observe what they wear to class but more importantly, why!

Any classes caught your eye? Don’t forget to check the class info on our timetable for any variations and extra details about the class. Once you pick a class that sounds the most fun, you can book online and join the Momentum family!

For those of you who are already in some of our classes but want to try a new style, our monthly memberships at various prices offer you the chance to try new classes, between five and 20 a month!

Ready to get some feel good from class?