Straps, Rope, Flying Pole and more

This is the stuff that’s a little more niche!

Aerial Straps are two cotton ribbons suspended from the ceiling which makes for a superstrong and conditioning focussed discipline. Similar to gymnastic rings, but a whole lot more fun! If you want to get aerial strong, and you want to get strong fast, aerial straps is your weekly class of choice. This is a tough and demanding discipline, and you will need some pre-existing background in either pole, aerial, gymnastics or similar and be happy to hang and hold your own bodyweight.

Aerial Rope, also known as Corde Lisse is a purist discipline where feats are perfumed on a vertical rope. The discipline is somewhat related to aerial silks but more challenging to begin with.

Chinese Flying Pole is a silicone coated pole that is suspended in the air which adds rotation, swings and spins, and provides a challenging new dimension to your regular pole training. Due to the difficulty of Chinese Flying Pole, we would recommend having a regular pole or aerial practice before getting stuck in.

Pole Silks is a discipline where fabric is suspended at the top end of the pole and enables a wonderful fusion of pole dance and aerial silks which is suitable for all abilities including those very new to pole and aerial training.
Lollipop Lyra is another fusion of pole and aerial where a steel hoop is mounted to the top of a freestanding pole for a superfun crossover of pole and aerial hoop. Similar to Pole Silks, this apparatus is great for anyone new to pole and aerial.