Our Community

People’s Stories are what makes this Studio

Momentum Pole & Aerial is a pole and aerial studio – yes!

Momentum will build you a buff back and core, and its community will give you laughter, belonging and a bit more of a spring in your step! Read our students’ stories below – everyone’s journey into, and through, pole and aerial arts is one worth telling! By curating our students’ stories, we hope you can find as a bit of yourself in them, and also see first hand that a lot of the pole and aerial (and initial starting) experience, is shared!

Our studios and community is a space where friendships are found, body neutrality and confidence are built, broad shoulders and strong biceps are sculpted. Where people can be proud of their hard work and dedication, and where all bodies are welcome and celebrated. It is a space that teaches you grit and self-belief, and that finding strength and FUN in exercise is something that lies within all of us!

FionaAerial Hoop and Sling Student
LeePole Student
ShannonAerial Hoop and Pole Student
BellePole and Aerial Hoop Student
LilyAerial Hoop Student and now Instructor
LucyPole Student
CatherineAerial Hoop Student
SafPole Student
RachelAerial Hoop, Silks and Sling Student
Shannon A
Shannon APole Student
Sarah and Rosie
Sarah and RosiePole and Aerial Hoop Students