Take your Team to new Heights!

An away day activity with a twist!

Forget stuffy and old-fashioned corporate days out with your team. Taking your colleagues to a session at one of our Gloucester or Cheltenham studios is guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits, providing an unforgettable and truly immersive experience people will be talking about for weeks!

Here’s what’s important to us in away day sessions:

We want everyone on your company do to NOT spend any time worrying over making mistakes or looking perfect! Our sessions are set in a laidback no pressure environment, with content carefully planned to cater to ALL abilities, backgrounds and ages!

Our team away day sessions are designed for anyone who has NEVER set foot in a pole or aerial studio before. We require ZERO flexibility, gymnastic ability or circus performer-level strength. Even the most skeptical and reluctant participants will soon be drawn in and are 99% guaranteed to surprise themselves with the epic feats they will complete.

And for anyone who would rather sit out on the upside down energy, no problem at all. We have plenty of chill out space in our studios, AND they can act as chief iPhone photographer for the group!

Disciplines, Formats and Pricing

We offer pole fit, aerial hoop, silks and sling or dance parties for team building activities in a fresh and energising environment.

Bespoke programs can be arranged and bookings can last from one to two hours, depending on number of participants (4-30) and session content.

As standard, we host a 60 minute package which starts at £30pp, where we teach the basics of your chosen discipline. We then move on to work on some awe-inspiring partner and doubles poses, with plenty of opportunities for impressive and fun photos!

Away day sessions can be booked at our Gloucester and Cheltenham Meadow and Bournside studios, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Existing Momentum-ers can book a corporate team away day for 10% off!

Please see below for more information!

Away Day Sessions off the Ground!

Fun and Rewarding Disciplines

We have a total of five distinct disciplines you can choose from, depending on what your group prefers. One of our most popular packages is the “pick and mix” session with pole fit, aerial hoop and fabric, so everyone gets to experience everything! Great value and tons of fun!

Pole Fitness

Pole fit involves the learning of spins, poses and holds on a chrome or stainless steel pole. This discipline is very accessible as no inverting is required and participants can have at least one foot on the floor at all times. Our sessions do not require leg grip so leggings and jogging bottoms can be worn.

Aerial Hoop

One of the oldest circus disciplines! Aerial Hoop is a suspended metal circle that gives participants to safely take flight right away and get off the floor and even inverted as the session goes on! Hoops can be lowered or pulled higher up to work with individual confidence levels. Similar to pole fit, no leg skin is required and sessions are done in leggings or jogging bottoms and we work with crashmats throughout.

Aerial Sling and Silks

Often also collectively referred to as aerial fabric. This classic beauty of circus arts involved two fabric ribbons that are either hanging from the ceiling as a double column or a hammock. Thanks to the mix of silks and sling, this tough discipline is made more accessible by presenting many options and heights can be adjusted. Similar to aerial hoop, we will get off the floor pretty quickly and for those who dare, go upside down as the session goes on, with crashmats of course! Again, leggings or joggers are the way to go!

Aerial Yoga

The mindful one! With silks rigged in the hammock shape, we work through some more traditional yoga poses using the hammock, a bit closer to the floor than in aerial fabric, and with a Savasana relaxation thrown in! Don’t be fooled, there is still plenty of upside down and fun stuff, but with a slower pace, a tad less noise and bit more zen! Usual yoga attire applies!

Chair Fit Choreo

This is our dancey one! Using a chair, participants will learn a sassy, fun and uplifting choreography to music. You can even pick the song if you like! We will incorporate impressive balances using the chair, so even though it’s not aerial circus, it is still circus!

The Next Step

Booking your Away Day Session

In order for us to get you the exact away day activity you have in mind, please do fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Our events manager Laura will design your booking for your exact requirements!

We welcome any group size from 4-30 participants, with sessions lasting from 1-2 hours, incorporating a single or multiple disciplines!

Questions and Queries

Please do let us know of any access requirements, or if you have any questions or worries over the suitability of pole and aerial arts for your away day session!

We will issue you with a full guidance document on what to wear, where we are, what to bring, when to arrive and what to expect that you can forward to all participants so everyone is fully in the know from the get-go!

What do I wear/bring?

Any gym, dance, yoga, general exercise clothing you feel comfy in and can move freely in. Our pole classes are in socks or barefoot, and please wear socks for aerial arts. Leggings are totally cool for your first pole sesh, and please ensure you wear full length or 3/4 bottoms for aerial arts.
Bring water and then you’re good to go!

Can I get changed?

Yes all venues have changing facilities.

What about parking and finding the studio?

See all of our venues here where you will find detailed descriptions on parking, venue addresses and access.

What happens in class and when I get to the studio?

Your teacher will know it’s your first sesh and come over and say hi and have a lil chat. We then warm up altogether before the teacher guides you through our beginner plan, i.e. how to spin and hold yourself on the pole, get on a silk and in a hoop. You’ll then be making gorgeous shapes and short combinations! Plenty of rest in between goes and don’t forget to bring your phone as you will want to take photos of the cool stuff you’ll be doing. We then cool down together before we leave you to enjoy the post-class buzz on the way home and check in with you via email on what happens next.

How tough of a sesh is it?

It is totally normal to feel sore the day (or two) after your first class as the workout is actually a lot more than what it feels like while you’re doing it (bonus if you ask us lol). Sometimes, there may also be some bruising or mildly sore hands from gripping the pole, hoop or silks. Again, totally normal and this stuff will be much less intense over time.

Is there an age limit?

Nope! Over 18s for our heels pole classes, and all others start at 16 with parental consent. We have polers and aerialists in their 50s and 60s who started while in their 50s and 60s.

Do you do courses?

Yup! Twice annually, in Jan and Sept, we host our signature 12 week beginner course, The Momentum Method! At all other times of year, just hit the button below to start in a beginner drop in sesh!

Got ZERO experience and upper body strength. What now?

Actually, this is the perfect place to start. Because we require ZERO, and we really do mean it, ZERO, experience. We don’t teach pole and aerial because of upper body strength but in order to build it. We don’t teach pole and aerial because of existing experience, but to gain it!

If you fancy hearing us chat about that very first class, listen to our pod episode with owner Anna and instructor Shay where we talk about our first class!

READY? Let’s do it!

Book your Away Day with Momentum Pole and Aerial here!