We offer a variety of classes including pole and aerial fitness, dance and stretch. Our classes are designed for EVERY BODY, and don’t require any prerequisites. Have a peek at our live schedule to see what’s on and when.

For your first pole class, it’s totally cool to wear any gym/fitness/yoga/dance wear like leggings and a t-shirt or other top you feel comfy in and can move freely in. As you progress with your pole training, skin grip will become more important and shorts should be worn from a few sessions in. Please don’t moisturise before pole class and remove all jewellery, especially rings, bracelets and watches so both your valuables and our poles don’t get scratched.

For aerial classes, please wear tight fitting clothing that you can move freely in to prevent your clothes from getting caught on the fabric or hoop. No zips or long sharp nails in fabric class please as these can cause tears to the silks. Please remove all jewellery, especially rings, bracelets and watches so both your valuables and our equipment don’t get scratched or torn. Please also head to our blog to read all about how to prep for your first ever pole or aerial class.

Clothing-wise, we encourage freedom of expression! We love seeing you wear whatever makes you feel confident, empowered, sexy, free and ready to move and comfortable! Our sole requirement is that you please wear fitted and appropriate clothing and do ensure nipples and genitals are well covered and contained at all times, regardless of your gender. Please ensure what you are wearing is suitable for the sport you are participating in.

Hello, no probs at all! When the booking system feels a bit clunky, and you’re unsure about how to set up an account, please see the GoTeamUp help pages here:

As standard, all bookings with Momentum Pole & Aerial come under our strict 24 hour cancellation policy. All bookings are strictly non-transferable.

You can manage your cancellations via the GoTeamUp app or by logging into your GoTeamUp user account on your browser. Unfortunately we cannot give you a catch up credit if you do not untick your place 24 hours before class starts. The reason for this is that often our classes are often full so if you untick your attendance this gives another person the opportunity to take your place. However, if you only untick your attendance ten minutes before class it’s unlikely we’ll be able to fill that place which is why we’ve capped it at 24 hours. Please don’t ask us to break this rule no matter what the reason is, we can’t be fair to everyone if we bend the rules on some occasions and not others.
If you cancel a class with more than 24 hours notice from the lesson start time, your credit is refunded into your membership/lesson pack allowance, or a refund into your bank account is automatically issued if you booked the session PAYG. Depending on your bank, please allow up to 5 working days for the refund to process and show in your statement.
No refunds of lesson credits or PAYG payments are available if you cancel with less than the standard 24 hours notice.
Private lessons are also bound by a 24 hour cancellation period. Some one-off workshops, events and photoshoots will incur individual cancellation policies, which are issued by the individual facilitator and clearly stated at the time of booking on our booking system.

There are no prerequisites for any of our beginner classes and we welcome complete newbies! You will build strength, stamina and improved flexibility as you go along, week by week, at your own pace and under the guidance of your instructor. The beauty of aerial and pole training is the appreciation of us all being unique, therefore our training and progress will never be the same and we can train in a supportive environment where we can explore our individual strengths and weaknesses without judgement.

Our regular group classes are capped by the number of poles or aerial rigging points available. We want to ensure the quality of our classes and teaching standards are high and your teacher’s attention is equally available to all during lessons. We therefore only allow a maximum of 2-3 people per pole or aerial equipment, depending on the venue and square footage. It is therefore vital that you book your space in class beforehand as spaces are very limited.
In busier beginners classes, we have teaching assistants who are always on hand to help.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive studio, where we welcome everyone and anyone. We appreciate bodies for what they can do, not what they look like. You do NOT have to be a certain size to start pole fitness, aerial training or any of our other classes!

We make sure that everyone receives a friendly and warm welcome at the studio to put you at ease. We’ve all been for a first class once and know how scary it can feel to make that first step.

We always have a little chat with every newbie to make sure you’re happy and fit to take part in our classes. We then have a little health and safety brief before warming up as a group and getting the class underway. Head to our blog post to read all about your first lesson x

There is no age limit for classes and we have students in their 60s climbing to the top of our 5 metre poles! As long as you’re feeling good and have no health conditions that prevent you from safely taking part and giving a different type of workout a good go, then you’re all set!

Our heels pole, heels choreography, spinning heels, flow and freestyle, fierce flow, and heels technique classes require a minimum age of 18 to take part.

Please be aware that participation in all our pole fit, aerial hoop, silks, sling, pilates and flexibility classes requires a minimum age of 16 years. Those aged 16 and 17 years old will have to produce parental consent before taking part in their first class. This is super straight forward via our booking system with the option of signing up a class participant as a parent or guardian.

Prior to your first class with us, please seek clearance from your medical professional if you may have any condition that could prevent you from safely taking part. In the case of injuries, again please speak to your doctor or other healthcare professional when it is safe for you to start a new exercise regimen.

All our venues have bathrooms that double up as a changing rooms. There is plenty of space in the studios to keep your valuables close by.
Our studios open 15 minutes before class times. 

Momentum Pole & Aerial does not accept any liability in the case of loss or damage to your property while stored on any of our studio premises.

Yes! Morelands Trading Estate where our Gloucester HQ is situated has a number of free car parks. Our Cheltenham Aerial Venue at Bournside Sports Centre has free parking. Additional parking is also found at the Bettridge School directly opposite the sports centre. The Cheltenham Pole Studio is located on Rodney Road. There is on street parking on Rodney Road and surrounding roads, and Rodney Road car park, the Regent Arcade car park, and Bath Parade car park are all within less than 3 minutes’ walk from the studio.

 When you book your first class, we email you on the day of your session with detailed directions on how to find your venue and also where to park.

We try to make our classes as accessible as possible so the fab news is that all our classes can be booked on a drop in basis. You can get started and book in for your first class whenever you’re ready and on a day and time that is most suitable for you and your schedule. It means that you can easily attend across venues, choose different classes, days and times each week. Super helpful if you work shifts for example, and it means you can register for a class any time before it starts. You keep this flexibility even with memberships and lesson packs. Booking your spot before class starts is vital as we do not take walk ins or cash payments. Please see our new starters info page here!

In January and September, we run our bespoke Momentum Method 12-week programs! A great way to start with a big group of fellow first timers 🙂 Check out our upcoming programs on our Momentum Method page!

Absolutely! Pole and aerial classes have so many wonderful benefits for every body and should be enjoyed by all!

For regular classes, we do not allow spectators to sit in and watch. Carers and chaperones are of course welcome to sit in and invited to take part in class for free. Parents/guardians are of course welcome to accompany 16 and 17 year olds.

A few of our supercool instructors at Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD offer tuition for pregnant clients. We would need you to have been consistently pole-ing or aerial-ing with us for at least three months before we can carry on during pregnancy.

We’d ask you to let us know as soon as possible so that we can advise which class is best for you going forward, for us to have a chat about training during pregnancy generally – after all pole and aerial are higher risk than other forms of exercise, and for us to touch base with our pregnancy PARQ.

After bébé is here, we advise a chat with your doctor or nurse for clearance to exercise before returning to, or starting up, pole and aerial training. If you are postnatal, please chat to us before signing up to classes, and similar to training during pregnancy, we can then advise you which class is best to attend to ease back in or start up.

We use certified, standardised, UK manufactured, professionally installed , signed off and bi-annually LOLER inspected equipment at all Momentum Pole & Aerial studios.

All poles are from UK manufacturer X-Pole which are tested to withstand lateral forces of 360kgs plus.

Our trusses, rigging, strops, ropes, hardware, swivels, carabiners, quick links, figure 8s we use all have a safety factor of 10:1 and minimum breaking strengths of up to 40kN aka 4 tons.

All fabrics and hoops are from leading UK aerial acrobatics manufacturers such as Firetoys and Prodigy who have the highest safety ratings on the market.

Working Load Limits (WLL) range from 140-190kgs depending on the type of hoop used, and 170kgs for fabric as per manufacturer issued paperwork with a Factor Of Safety (FOS) of 7:1 to 5:1.

We are always happy to chat more and get nerdy about physics and dynamics and disclose certificates, structural engineer sign offs, manufacturer guidelines, rigging installs and technical specs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do email us on hello@momentumpoleaerial.com as we are always keen to chat and offer help.