Aerial Sling and Aerial Silks

We offer tow distinct types of aerial fabric classes at the studio, namely Aerial Silks and Aerial Sling.

Aerial Silks is the art of moving in the air while suspended from two pieces of fabric. The fabric is used to wrap, drop, spin and make gorgeous holds, shapes and moves off the ground. Beginner Silks classes start with training close to the ground and getting acquainted with climbs and inverts. Over time, increased strength and stamina will lead to longer and more complex sequences higher up. Aerial Silks is one of the classic aerial circus disciplines you see in performances and shows due to its beauty and drama added by the movement of the fabric and an extremely rewarding way of training.

Aerial Sling is an aerial circus fitness discipline using aerial silks rigged as a hammock or sling, sometimes also called cocoon. You will be taught a range of conditioning exercises, ways into and out of the sling, as well as moves and sequences in the fabric hammock. A super fun and beautiful way for building strength, stamina and confidence in the air. Due to the hammock shape, this apparatus is great for entry level aerial training for those who feel a bit nervous about other types of aerial classes.