7 reasons why pole and aerial are the best alternative fitness classes

It can be daunting to try any new fitness class, especially if it feels a bit out there. Pole  and aerial especially can seem scary because you might be a complete novice and don’t want to feel silly. However, beginners often have the biggest transformations after just a handful of classes.

There are so many benefits of pole dancing and aerial arts for everyone, young or old, experienced or not. We think pole fitness classes and aerial are the best alternative fitness classes, which is why we want to convince you to give it a try. Here are 7 reasons why pole and aerial are the best alternative fitness class, according to us!

1.  It’s fun!

If there’s any fitness activity where you’ll have the most fun, it’s a pole or aerial class. Obviously, we’re a little biased but our customers think so too! After a class, you’ll think the time whizzed by and you won’t even feel like you’ve been working out. We always say if you enjoy working out, you’ll actually want to get fit!

Our classes, whether it’s pole, aerial or everything in between, are always based on fun! Sure, we work hard and push you outside your comfort levels but ultimately, exercise works best when you’re having fun!

2.  Anyone can give it a go

You might have zero experience, you might be a gym addict looking to try something new or you could be a former dancer looking to use your skills elsewhere. Whether you have all of the experience or none at all, the beauty of pole and aerial is that anyone can do it. Any age, any size or shape, any fitness level, all of our customers are unique and we love it!

We have a judgement-free zone here so there is a space for everyone here. Even if you’re nervous to join, remember that everyone started as a beginner at some point. We recommend you start with beginner classes where everyone will be at the same starting point!

3.  Supportive community

This follows on from the previous point. You’ll make friends with people you’d probably never thought you’d be friends with outside of the studio. However, taking the same classes, supporting others in their journeys and urging them to improve at their own pace brings us all together in one safe place. We encourage our classes to be an empowering space so boost each other up!

4.  Builds up muscle

The more strength you build up through regular classes, the more muscle tone you’ll get. Many women think that building up their muscles means getting bulky. Similar to yoga or pilates, pole and aerial classes lengthen and tone your muscles instead. You’ll need the extra strength to advance to more difficult tricks and trust us, you’ll feel amazing about your body transformation too.

If you’re looking for a full-body workout, pole and aerial classes are the one! You might just think it’s your legs, shoulders and arms that will gain the most muscle but every move you make will engage your core too. Your posture will improve too as you hold your body up for various poses and tricks.

5.  Increases flexibility

Along with your newly-toned muscles, you’ll also get increased flexibility from regular pole and aerial classes. You’ll probably discover new stretches for body parts you didn’t know needed to be stretched! It’s crucial to warm up and cool down properly before a class but we also encourage our students to stretch outside of classes too. You can do this either at home, at the gym or in one of our flex classes that we offer. The more flexible your body gets, the more advanced your moves can get.

6.  Great for the ‘gram

Whilst it’s not a necessity, it can be fun to share your progress on social media with friends and family. Many of our customers have set up separate accounts to showcase their tricks but lots use their personal accounts.

Use specific hashtags to share your work and you’ll gain an even bigger community through that. Everyone is always so supportive in the pole and aerial world too and it’s such an empowering environment worldwide.

7.  Gives you a confidence boost!

How awesome would it be to try something new and gradually get better? Those small improvements week on week definitely boosts your confidence. Rising to a new challenge will help to increase your self-confidence and we’re so proud of those who come through our classes. You can see the changes in them every week and as a studio, that’s all we want for our students – to feel better about themselves as they go through their courses!

Trust us when we say everyone feels self-conscious and a bit silly in their first few lessons. Once you try some tricks and get to grips with the equipment (both metaphorically and literally in this case), you’ll be so proud of your development and be motivated to keep it going! This is our main aim when it comes to pole and aerial too because we love to see a transformation in our customers, whether you’re only with us for a few weeks or years!

Pole and aerial as alternative fitness often gets a reputation as being sleazy but that’s usually from people who have never even tried a class before. Sure, it can be sexy but it’s also empowering to use your entire body to lift you up and support you through your routines. Best of all, we form a lovely community and it improves every student’s confidence! What better way to get fit than with fun fitness classes like pole and aerial?

If this has enticed you and you’re intrigued by our pole fitness benefits and why you should try pole and aerial, why not try out a class soon? You can join any of our Beginner classes as soon as you want, so just book yourself on!