Hello Returner, hello Visitor!

Yey youuu! Super nice to see you here!

We’ve been thinking about you, and I hope you’ve been thinking about us too <3

Whether you stopped because life got lifey, you went on holiday and then kinda forgot, had an injury and then just lost momentum, you’ve been blessed with a new bébé, or indeed you are a pre-pandemic Momenter who’s been too worried about getting back on the pole:

We got you!

It really is NEVER too late to start again.

And we do understand how nerve-wracking it is to step back into the studio:

Will others from ages ago recognise me and be a million miles ahead of me?

How long will it take me to get used to it all again and catch up on where I was before?

I still follow some people from class on Instagram and they are now intimidatingly good.

My body has changed and I feel somewhat self-conscious about my new meatsuit not being what it was years ago. I feel nervous.

It’s perfectly ok to be – all at the same time – nervous and worried, excited and happy.

And if you just allow yourself to ease back in with a few beginner classes to let that skin grip build back up, get those calluses to wake up again, refresh your memory and just get used to the world of spinning, lifting, pretzeling and upside-downing once more, I promise you that you will be positively surprised at how fast you will jump back in!

Because you have done it once before, the second time will be even better!

Excited to welcome you back to classes 🙂

Anna and the team xxx

Owner Anna on Returning after a Break

Just visiting and hopping in for a few classes?

Y’all! Come on in!

If you’re in the shire for a weekend – or a few months – and you are dead keen to keep that training up, join us anytime, at any venue, for any class that works for you 🙂

You can browse our timetable and find the class(es) that reflect where you’re currently at!

Simply book sessions drop in at £15 a pop, as and when fits your schedule. If you fancy saving, you can also grab a flexible and stress free lesson pack!

As our classes are bookable drop in, you don’t need to worry about committing to a course, and we’re always happy to connect with visiting polers and aerialists!

Hit the button below to take you to our booking system and we shall see you in class!

Exciting <3 xxx