Pilates, Yoga and Handstands

To support you in your pole and aerial training, and also to feel strong and balanced for life, we offer a range of Pilates, Yoga and Handstand classes. Pilates sessions are specifically designed to help you in your pole and aerial training, and to build both strength and awareness for every day. Alongside our Pilates classes, we also offer different styles of yoga to help you move, flow, stretch and breathe. Our yoga offer includes dynamic and challenging styles like Vinyasa, as well as gentler Hatha and Yin classes to help you release after a tough class or a stressful day.
Handstands because the world is more fun upside down. Our handstands classes focus on inversions, conditioning and strengthening for the elusive straight-line handstand. Handstand training has immense crossover to pole and aerial training, as well as proving a challenging yet rewarding discipline in its own right.