10 ways to supplement your pole and aerial training at home

So you’ve got into a regular routine at the studio attending a class every week through the Momentum Method or just getting into beginner classes. How do you take it to the next level? We’ve rounded up 10 ways to supplement your pole and aerial training at home. It’s not a quick fix but the more you can do at home, it can only help you progress in class!

Try flex classes

The best way to get more flexible is to attend flex classes. We host them in our studio and online to supplement any of our pole and aerial classes where we focus on specific stretches and poses to improve your flexibility, especially when it comes to splits and your back. Strength and conditioning for pole fitness means you’ll make progress much quicker!

Don’t forget – if you have any of our memberships you get the online flex classes for FREE!

Do bodyweight workouts

You can get some much extra strength just with bodyweight workouts! Everyone always thinks you need to focus on cardio or heavy lifting in order to become fit but that’s far from the truth. There are so many exercises you can do that can help your pole fitness improve, from planks to push-ups and everything in between.

Work on your core

It’s the one area that most people forget about in their training, whether they’re into pole and aerial or hardcore gym sessions. Your core is the main component for most moves and should be engaged in every workout you do. Strengthening your core will help you in pole fitness because using your abdominal muscles helps you to stay in your poses longer!

Try lifting weights

Whether it’s using 1kg dumbbells or lifting your bodyweight using a barbell, it’s another area that practice makes perfect. You won’t get bulky but you will gain muscle. If you’re adding cardio into your workouts, you need to be adding in muscle toning too. Even if it’s just a case of adding a 10-minute weights session on to the end of a run.

Stretch, stretch, stretch!

Yoga, pilates, barre, and ballet are all great options here. The idea is to lengthen your limbs through poses and slower transitions. Many of your pole and aerial moves have been inspired by yoga and pilates poses but edited to be done vertically as opposed to on your feet. Think about it logically. You make beautiful lines in yoga and ballet, which will definitely help you in your pole and aerial classes! If you’re stuck on conditioning exercises for beginners, simply use your stretches from class as a starting point.

Do little but often

Especially if you’re just getting into working out or have had a long break, doing smaller workouts but more often is better than one massive workout a week. Quick bursts of HIIT and cardio can do wonders for your cardio health and stamina and you’re usually working multiple muscle groups in one move. Even just parking your car further away from the studio adds in a little cardio to your day before your pole or aerial class!

Walk it out

You’d be surprised just how much walking helps your stamina. Walk a little further or faster every time and you’ll get that cardio in. It can be a great, free social activity too so make a coffee in a travel mug, put on your trainers and meet up with a friend. Why not suggest it to someone in your pole or aerial class and make some solid friendships that way if you live in the same area? Always take the stairs if you can and park as far away from the shops or supermarket as you can!

Switch it up

Any way you can move your body, it all counts. Even dancing in the kitchen and doing housework can get your heart rate up! We love experimenting with new classes and styles so never be afraid to try a new class at the studio. Lots of our students start off coming to one style of lessons but end up trying other styles. Other members supplement their pole and aerial fitness with going to the gym or climbing. Whatever you enjoy the most and whatever works best for you, give it a try!

Set up your own routine

If your only workout is attending one pole or aerial class a week, you might have a wasted opportunity. Whilst we understand many of you have families, work and a million other things to balance, fitting in workouts into your schedule will only help your pole and aerial journey. If you have kids, running around after them is basically a workout in itself and lots of parents use their children as dumbbells for home workouts! When you’re starting from scratch, adding just one extra workout a week along with your pole or aerial class is better than nothing. After you’ve got used to that and have some spare time, add in another. It’s better to have two good workouts a week than exercising full-out every single day but with little effort.

Don’t forget to rest

Rest is so important in any fitness journey but especially when it comes to pole and aerial. You’ll be using muscles that you either haven’t used in a long time or ever so your body needs time to recover. We’re big fans of having active rest days so it’s the perfect solution to go for a walk or do some at-home yoga. However, you also need full rest days. Sit on that sofa and don’t move! You have our full approval!

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can supplement your pole and aerial training at home. Most of them are free or inexpensive too, which is always a bonus. Don’t miss the opportunity to really improve in your pole and aerial classes and work on your fitness both in the studio and in your daily life. Talk to your instructors on finding ways to supplement your training at home or contact us today to take your training to another level.