Course, Taster or Beginner Drop In Class?

Hello hello dear reader!

If you are here, it is likely because you are intrigued by giving pole dance or aerial arts a go (cool!!), but you’re not sure which is the best way to start.

You see a range of things on offer: pole and aerial arts beginner courses, one-off taster sessions for pole and/or aerial disciplines, and there are beginner classes that you can just book into too.

At least that’s what we do here at Momentum Pole & Aerial – we do LOVE a little bit of variety and one of our taglines in training is “You have Options!”. Naturally we extend this tagline to pretty much everything we offer, hence we also give options for different ways of starting out in your training!

All of our options are super if you fancy rocking up solo, in fact over 75% of our regulars have started their pole or aerial classes alone but quickly made friends and social contacts in classes, or for you to get started with a friend.

Let’s get into it and explore the pros and considerations for each, so you can choose YOUR starting point that works best for YOU 🙂

Beginner Drop In Classes

We have a ton of beginner drop in classes in both Cheltenham and Gloucester, from beginner pole fit, to aerial hoop, aerial fabrics (silks and sling), to beginner heels pole dance. Classes run pretty much every day of the week, with mid-week daytime classes, evening classes, and weekend sessions to choose from.

The beauty of starting in our beginner drop in classes is that you can get going at any time, on a day and time that suits you best. You then also have the option of chopping and changing when you attend, if life is life-ing, things come up, you’re away one week, or you simply fancy shopping around some different classes and seeing which one has the vibe you most vibe with 🙂

People often worry about being the only newbie when starting in our drop in pole or aerial classes, rest assured that we have new starters pretty much every week. So even if you are the only first timer in your class, there is very likely someone else who has only started a week or two ago.

One of the huge benefits of starting in drop in classes is that fact that you will be surrounded by people who have been coming for a few weeks or months (and in our beginner-friendly mixed ability classes maybe even years!). This can be HUGELY motivational and aspirational, as you are seeing real life evidence of what is possible further along your pole and aerial journey with repeated practice and regular training. It also takes away that element of comparison, as everyone in class has their own unique starting point and time, so we can’t measure if we are progressing faster or slower than others as we are all on our own trajectory. For those of us who compare a lot, this can be really helpful in keeping your eyes on your prize 🙂

Starting in a beginner drop in sesh also has zero commitment if you just want to dip your toes in before going for a membership or lesson pack, and you can snap up that first class at half-price with our FREE beginners guide! If you came away from class all like “yey I loved it”, then you can make use of our new beginner membership deal and freebie which we email you about after class – and if you prefer to leave it at that one drop in class, that’s totally cool and no worries about it x

Beginner Pole and Aerial Arts Courses

At Momentum, we’ve got 6 and 12 week beginner courses on the go: the Momentum Method which is our 12 week novice to badass signature program running in January and September, and our 6 week Summer Series, a quick and snappy intro to pole and aerial arts over those warmer months!

Courses are a brilliant way to start out when you are a beginner poler or aerialist who enjoys being in a group of fellow new beginners and progressing together as a group. Everyone is in exactly the same boat at exactly the same time so it’s a nice way to find your feet and learn the foundations of pole, hoop, fabric or heels pole while everyone around you is doing the same.

Committing to a course also really helps those of us who struggle a bit with habit formation and getting a new routine and hobby going. Knowing that you’ll come to class for a period of 6 or 12 consecutive weeks can be a positive means of accountability if this is something you previously found yourself struggling with when it comes to exercising regularly.

We do like to make sure courses stay fresh and exciting for the duration, so we do throw in some freebies and surprises along the way, as well as a 25% graduate discount when you continue classes with us after your beginner pole or aerial arts course!

Taster Sessions

Throughout the year, we hold monthly taster sessions at all of our studios. We like to offer them for pole fit, aerial hoop, silks and sling, and indeed a mix of everything too for maximum variety, and yes you guessed it: options 🙂

Tasters lend themselves really well to coming along with a friend, or for you to attend with a mate who has been Momentum-ing for some time! Often, we know someone who has been doing pole or aerial for some time, and they’re like “try it, come along, you’ll love it” – but there is no way in hell we can just pop along to their advanced class for a first time trial! Tasters are brilliant for this as your poler/aerialist mate can come to one with you so if you’d like to attend with a long timer mate, this is the sesh for you!

A taster class is great for anyone who wants to shop around a bit, especially if you attend a session for mixed disciplines, and see which one you fall in love with. Fellow taster-sessioners are also there mostly for the first time, so it’s a great opportunity to try stuff out in a low stakes environment and among like-minded people in a similar position!

Similar to our drop in classes, tasters have no commitment, so you can dip your toes in, see the studio, suss out the vibe, have a go at a few different disciplines if you’re unsure which one is right for you, and then take it from there. After your taster, we will email you with our new beginner membership deal and freebie, so you can snap up some great savings when you decide to make it a thing, and if you don’t – totally cool and don’t worry about it!

Which one is best for you?

We love that we can offer a bit of everything when it comes to starting, so that you have the choice of opting for either a course, a taster or a drop in class, depending on what resonates most with you. We also have clients who made use of all three and we love that! It’s always ok to change your mind and try a different format, and it’s always encouraged to branch out and shop around (who doesn’t like shopping around 😀). Regardless of which way you choose to start off your pole or aerial arts training, the only factor that matters most is that you enjoy whichever route you pick and have the most fun on along the way.

So whether you’re a course person, a drop in human, or a taster session head – we got you covered!

Happy training! xxx