Tell me what you are impressed by. Sorry this is mega forward but it follows a little thought experiment I put myself through this week. I went to see a circus show, and of course, I was massively impressed by all the performers. By their skill, strength, flexibility, by the dedication they had to put in to get to this point, and if I’m frank of course, by their buff bodies and pumping shoulders.

I think generally, as people, and more so as the narrow demographic that participates in pole and aerial arts, we are impressed by athleticism. And it’s bloody impressive when someone can split, backflip, carry someone on their shoulders, dangle from a hoop with one heel. And we ought to celebrate and appreciate these achievements.

However, what I think is even more impressive and warrants celebration and appreciation is a whole host of other shit ordinary people overcome on a daily basis, when it comes to pole and aerial training.

I’m so in awe of:
The mums with little ones who come to class even when sleep deprivation is real, the house is a mess and the list of chores is overwhelming
The hobby polers and aerialists with health conditions that make everything two times harder, or more painful, or slower, or indeed some things not possible, showing up, every week, smashing it
The person working three jobs, squeezing in a class as and when they can
The shy, intimidated, nervous newbies shaking with fear before their first class, booking a session on their own, and showing up and doing it despite the discomfort
The hobby polers and aerialists in larger bodies who don’t see themselves represented, showing up, and representing
The people coming back from an injury, or after bébé, completing their classes with patience, in tune with what their bodies are safe and comfortable with
The people who face adversities in life, with health, family, work or friends, refusing to give up, taking themselves off for an hour a week to feel strong, empowered and take a break
This is not to say that professional aerialists, polers and acrobats aren’t working hard and deserving of accolades. Their feats are still impressive! But equally, and even more impressive things are being achieved by people we share class with, literally on a daily basis. So this email today, is for you! Your strength, your efforts, your consistency, your joy for your pole and aerial training is so bloody badass and inspiring, and we see it! Doing something that most people wouldn’t, and when most people would give up, that’s truly impressive to me.