The Legal Bit & Privacy Notice

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD Company Policy and Mission Statement

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD is a limited company: company number 11361369.

Registered company address:

Unit 54b, Bizspace House

Morelands Trading Estate



VAT registration number 420398116

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD is a pole, aerial fitness and movement provider in Gloucestershire, catering to adults (16 years +, and 18+, depending on discipline) of all abilities. Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD sets out to deliver, safe, effective, inclusive and fun pole, aerial fitness and movement classes for adults of all ages, backgrounds, shapes, sizes and genders. All subcontracting instructors are first aid trained, fully insured and certified/trained to deliver their chosen discipline to current industry standards. Our goal is to offer alternative fitness classes that build strength, grit and body confidence in a comfortable and fun, positive, welcoming, diverse and inclusive social setting.

Data Protection

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD is complying with data protection regulation. When signing up with us, none of your details will be passed on and we do not spam you. Your personal details are stored securely on the TeamUp server and will never be kept for longer than necessary. This means that if you haven’t come to us for a month or longer, your account will become dormant.

We’re not a fan of unnecessary marketing communications. We do have a monthly newsletter, and we ask you all beforehand if you’re happy to receive the odd newsletter email from us, via an opt in on our booking site, website and social media. Please note that you still receive emails from TeamUp regarding your bookings, i.e. when you book into a class, your membership alerts, cancellations etc. You can manage these within your email server and TeamUp user account. Occasionally, we may need to text you. This would be in the event of any urgent communication, like letting you know that your instructor’s car has broken down en route to class and they will be late. On the day before your very first class with us, we may send you a quick text to ensure you’re all set for the class and answer any questions you have.

By participating in class photography/videography and/or by hashtagging photos on social media with #mymomentum, #mymomentumchelt, #momentumpoleandaerial or any other affiliated hashtags, you hereby release all rights to Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD for promotional purposes, unless otherwise explicitly stated by yourself.

You may not film or photograph anyone other than yourself without explicit consent. Please be mindful of others’ right to privacy, and check in with your fellow class mates if they’re happy to pop up in the background of your photos/videos. At times, your instructor may photograph or film elements of the class to upload to social media, please do let them know if you prefer not to feature on Momentum Pole & Aerial or any affiliated social media.

Liability and Indemnity Insurance

Our professional liability and indemnity insurer is Hiscox Insurance Company Limited, 1 Great St. Helens, London, EC3A 6HX, United Kingdom, Registered in England number 00070234. The territorial coverage is worldwide.

Timetable and Pricing

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD reserves the right to change its class offer, timetable and pricing. Notice will be given of any changes, where possible. In the event of cancellation of a class on our part, we aim to give at least 2 hours notice and offer full refunds. At times, we may have to change class times at short notice, which we will inform you about via text if you are booked on. If the new class time is not convenient for yourself, a refund will be offered.

Informed Consent

When booking into a class with us, our booking system will prompt you to disclose any relevant medical information, as well as contact details and an emergency contact. When registering for a class with us, you do agree to participate with informed consent. Participation in all of our classes and activities is entirely voluntary and at your own risk. We reserve the right to ask for clearance by a medical professional prior to participation in class, depending on pre-existing medical conditions. The minimum age for participation in our pole fitness, aerial arts, flexibility and pilates classes is 16 years. Parental consent is required for those aged 16 and 17 years old. All heels pole, flow, choreo and other authentic pole dance classes require a minimum age of 18. You will be advised of the hands on spotting nature required in some of our classes when first signing up with us. Please let your instructor know if you prefer not to be spotted in class.
Momentum Pole & Aerial does not accept any liability for loss or damage to personal property stored at any of our studio premises.

Cancellation Policy

Unless otherwise stated at the time of registering for any event or class with us, all our sessions come under a 24 hour cancellation policy. Everyone agrees to this policy when first creating a user account with us to book into any session. This means that in the event of you cancelling a booked class with less than 24 hours notice, no refunds or rescheduling options can be offered.

Momentum Method courses are non-refundable and non-transferable due to their nature of being fixed-length 12 week programs.

Private lesson and workshop bookings come under our 24 hour cancellation policy. All details of cancellations are listed in the class descriptions at the time of booking on our GoTeamUp booking system.

Participation in Class and Conduct

You can only participate in class if you have registered and paid for your space via our online booking system, prior to the start of the lesson.

You must arrive to class promptly. When missing the entire warm up and arriving late by 10 minutes or more, your instructor reserves the right to exclude you from the session if they find that you do not warm up appropriately on your own.

Please be respectful of fellow class mates, the studio and your instructor, this includes refraining from teaching fellow students or otherwise endangering yourself or others. If your instructor finds you to be in breach of any of the above, it is their right to ask you to leave the session without a refund. It is your responsibility to wear appropriate clothing to safely take part in class, and to remove jewellery and chewing gum, as advised by your instructor.

We do not allow spectators in class unless they chaperone a participant or are their young child(ren) to enable the participant to attend class without the pressure of childcare arrangements. The latter applies to specific daytime classes only.

We foster a supportive atmosphere among class participants and have a strict anti-bullying policy. We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable adults who we may work with. If you suspect that someone is being abused and they are in immediate danger you should ring the Police on 999. If you are concerned about any of the classes or services we offer at Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD you should contact our Safeguarding Officers Anna R, Helen or Rachael on, or via 07914332413.

Recurring Memberships

All recurring memberships that bill monthly are subject to the listed terms and conditions. Do read these carefully please and ensure you are fully aware before joining on a recurring membership. By going ahead with the purchase of a recurring membership including Model, Make, Multiply, Master your Momentum or the Momentum Method payment plan, whether at full price or a discounted rate, you are agreeing to our recurring membership terms and conditions listed below.

All recurring memberships and payment plans are non-transferable.

1. Minimum term

There is no minimum term for Model, Make, Multiply and Master your Momentum memberships when purchased at full rate and you can cancel your membership at any time, but you do have to give 28 days notice.

The Momentum Method payment plan is simply a way for you to spread the cost of the 12 week program. If you choose to drop out at any point during the course, you are still liable to complete any remaining monthly payments.

Model your Momentum 5 classes/month membership has a minimum term of 3 months when taken out on the new starters offer whereby the first month is free. Please ensure you are comfortable to join for 3 months if you wish to make use of our offer of enjoying your first month for free. By you going ahead and registering for the free intro month on the Model your Momentum membership, you agree to enter a minimum term of 3 months.

2. 28 day notice period

When cancelling, please ensure you do so at least 28 days BEFORE your next scheduled billing date. If you cancel with less than 28 days until your next billing date, you will be billed for one final cycle, and you have the full month to take advantage of all your classes. Memberships cannot be cancelled with less than 28 days notice. If you ever experience financial difficulty that impacts your membership payments/you are unable to pay, do get in touch as we will always endeavour to find a solution with you.

3. Membership cancellation

You can conveniently cancel via the GoTeamUp account dashboard, or alternatively contact us and we can arrange it for you in line with the 28 day cancellation period.

4. Cooling off period

As within your consumer rights, you have 14 days from entering a recurring membership (Model, Make, Multiply, Master your Momentum) to receiving a full refund if you change your mind. Please be aware that this does not apply to the Momentum Method payment plan as you are booking a course with set dates. You must notify us via email, WhatsApp or FB message for us to action your cancellation within the cooling off period.

5. Upgrading and/or downgrading

We‘re always happy to chop and change your recurring membership as you need it and we can action these changes immediately. Please get in touch with us for changes you want to me made with immediate effect, although we are not able to downgrade if you missed the 28 day cut off for membership cancellation and your final payment is the same as your original plan. Any changes from your next billing date, you can conveniently and quickly make yourself via your GoTeamUp account.

6. Pausing your membership

If you cannot attend for 28 days or more, we can pause your membership. Please get in touch with us to arrange this for you. We cannot pause your membership if you go on holiday for a week or two. Instead please make use of the flexible nature of the bookings and schedule your sessions around your trips and commitments xxx

7. Please also familiarise yourself with the membership description. It contains information on our standard 24 hour policy for class cancels and no shows, and most importantly the freebies and giveaways and other good stuff you get with a recurring membership woot woot xxx

Scholarship Programs

Momentum Pole & Aerial LTD offers fully funded scholarships for a fixed length term of either 8 weeks (worth up to £100 each) or 12 weeks (worth up to £150 each). Please refer to the scholarship as advertised regarding the fixed term length. Scholarships are not a monetary reward and cannot be taken as a pro-rata payment if the recipient chooses not to attend the awarded set of group classes. Scholarships include free of charge access to one weekly group class of the recipient’s choice for the duration of the term. Classes can be taken across Gloucester and Cheltenham venues, and booking for individual sessions is subject to the standard booking and cancellation procedures and policies (please see above). Applicants must be 18 years or older, and not be a current student at Momentum Pole & Aerial.
Scholarships expire after a the fixed term period, starting on the date specified on the application. In case of government mandated studio closures, the term is extended to ensure we can provide access to a full term of face-to-face group classes. In order for your application to be considered, please ensure all fields on the application form are filled in. We inform successful applicants of the status of their application via the email address supplied, and at least 7 days before the start of the scholarship. Please check your spam and junk folders if you haven’t heard from us at least 7 days before the commencement date. If we do not hear from successful applicants within 7 days of our initial email communication, the award will be given to another applicant on the reserve list. Similarly, if you wish to no longer claim your award following a successful application, please let us know as soon as possible via email. Once the scholarship is underway, and the applicant wishes to no longer benefit from the free class offer, it is of course fine to withdraw at any point. The scholarship is non-transferable and no pro-rata monetary rewards are available for unclaimed group classes. After three no-shows in classes without communication by the scholarship holder, we reserve the right to withdraw a scholarship with immediate effect.
Successful applicants will be sent a registration link in order to claim the scholarship and have full reign of the flexibility of our group class offer and booking system. Recipients will subsequently have to register and set up a GoTeamUp user account. Once the account is set up, the award will be added to the user account and it is the recipient’s responsibility to schedule, book and manage their class allowance.