Inter/Adv Heels Technique

Pole flow and floorwork technique class for all things heels pole! This is a techy class for those with heels experience! Inverts aren’t required so if you’re an Improver Pole Fit student with heels experience, come in in!
This is a varied and fast-paced class, covering various aspects of heels and sexy pole technique. The focus for sessions varies on a monthly basis from headstands, to shoulderstands, tricks up the pole with heels flair, to wavey, bouncey, gooey and fluid sequences! Please see the instructor’s posts in the FB group on new focus start dates, styles and for you to get involved in voting for what you’d like to train!

Class Duration: 60mins

Please email with any questions or queries

Cancellation policy:
This class comes under our 24 hour cancellation policy, no refunds or re-bookings can be offered if you cancel with fewer than 24 hours’ notice.


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