Hula Hoop and Dance Classes

Join us for weekly hula hoop classes! Did you know that hooping is around 2,500 years old? Incredible right! You will learn to twirl the hoop around your waist, wrists, arms, legs and even neck. Hula hooping is an amazing art form, a top cardio workout, and so good for coordination and motor skills. The wonderful thing is that hula hoop can also be done anywhere, so you can take your skills learned in class, and practise them outside, at home, any time, any where!

We also offer a range of dance courses and workshops throughout the year.
Channel your inner variety performer in our Burlesque classes. Sessions emphasise sassy, feminine movements and plenty of tease in a light hearted and supportive environment! Burlesque is offered on a workshop or course basis over a number of weeks with the aim of learning a choreographed routine focussed on chair dance. Think feather boas, gloves and silk robes as you learn to strut your stuff and channel your stage performer side.