Pole and Aerial Arts Summit Replay


Replay of the first Pole and Aerial Arts Summit 2023 – a dedicated business and professional development conference for pole/aerial studio owners and instructors.





This is a 6 hour recording of the web conference held on Saturday 19th of August 2023. Once purchased, you have access to the recording for 14 days.

Speakers and Abstracts

Dr Anna Rohnbogner – Studio Owner, Retreat Company Founder, Researcher, Author:
Welcome and Keynote
Levelling up as professionals and business owners – why the pole and aerial industry needs an event like this

Sara Kedge – Management Consultant, DEI Design Thinking Strategist and Lecturer:
Leadership, Systems and Workplace Culture – Responsibility and potential in pole and aerial studios

What if you couldn’t fail?
Starting and running your own studio can be a dream come true. For some it is the pathway out of a day-to-day grind. Others it is helping spread passion through teaching. Yet many studio owners get burnt-out, covering costs and not a lot more.
• What if you could balance your joy for pole and run a successful studio?
• What if your side-hustle could become a thriving business?
• What if stepping into your power is the key?
Together we will have a conversation about the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities required for leading a business. You are invited to ask questions to help us discuss the rhythms and habits to get more joy (and profit) out of your studio. You are guaranteed to take away top tips on building confidence and overcoming barriers in you and your business.
Sara will also hold a bonus 30 minute Q&A session

Anna Frost – Social Media Manager and Pole Coach and Artist:
Social Media as a Business Asset – Learn to leverage to power of connection without the BS

In the dynamic and competitive world of pole and aerial fitness, being able to connect quickly and easily with potential new students is essential. Join Anna, an experienced social media manager, for a 30-minute seminar tailored specifically for pole and aerial studio owners and instructors.
This seminar dives into the heart of using social media as a vital business asset. Learn why social media should be a top priority when it comes to marketing and community building, and discover how to craft a customisable strategy that resonates with your unique audience.
Find out how to create unmissable content to captivate new clients, learn how to balance organic and paid social strategies, and uncover how to measure success in ways that translate to real business growth. With practical and actionable insights, you’ll walk away with a foundational understanding and a roadmap to enhance your studio’s social presence.

Maria Stutt – Studio Owner, Entrepreneur:
Management Skills – How to develop, build, lead and vibe with your team

Maria will fill you in on all the things she has learned over the years in the realm of building and leading a big teacher team. She will share her top tips and practical insights and recommendation on how to hire staff that are a match for your studio, how to train them in how you operate your space, and most importantly, how to engage your staff and promote loyalty. If you’re scared of handing stuff over, come to this talk as Maria will address how to delegate without losing control, and how to foster a supportive and positive team that wants the same as you: a thriving work environment and business! Maria also dives into something most of us struggle with: how to deal with conflict and resolve uncool stuff! This talk is essential in giving you a well rounded insight into how to run a team that loves working with you!

Scott Baldwin – PT and Coach:
Selling and Marketing – What works, and what doesn’t. Lessons pole and aerial studio owners can learn from gyms

We will be mapping out the perfect path for your ideal customers, guiding them from being entirely unaware that your studio and classes exist to becoming regular and committed students.
Because the more regulars you have, the fewer new peeps you have to constantly attract into your business!
We will cover optimising your online and offline presence, ensuring your business aligns with its original purpose and vision!
I understand that selling can seem cheesy or manipulative.
We will unlock your mindset to understand that your value, your business, your classes and your teaching is worthwhile and an investment in your students’ health and well-being.
So scrap the idea of aggressive salesmen and get ready to reframe your beliefs into focusing on exceeding expectations and providing exceptional value at an unbeatable price so you and your studio can stress a bit less about attendance, numbers and money 💪

Sara Kedge bonus Q&A session

Phoebe Hoyle – Performer, Coach and Studio Owner: From working in, to on, to away from your studio – Building and maintaining a successful business at every stage

Phoebe opened Cirque de Silk’s studio ‘The Aerial Attic’ in December 2020 in the midst of Covid restrictions and lockdowns (brave, I know!!)
Within 3 years, the studio has scaled up to a full team of teachers who are running classes for a regular base of 70 kids and 50 adult students on a weekly basis.
Cirque de Silk under Phoebe’s leadership also runs a 3 day event for the studio’s annual showcases which are fully sold out every year.
Alongside this, Phoebe has launched her own aerial teacher training courses, aerial retreats, performances at events, holiday clubs and intensive programmes.
With a fully trained social media manager, an admin team, and a management team, Phoebe is now able to step back from the business and work remotely for the next year!
Join this talk to find out how to make your business run smoothly without you working 24/7
Learn about all the plans and procedures Phoebe has put into place to travel around Europe in her campervan and run her studio fully from her laptop!

James Hunt – PT, Sports Therapist, Anatomy Educator:
Your Body as Your Instrument – Injury mitigation and longevity for instructors

Ayesha Agogo – Pole Instructor, Performer, Artist and Creator:
The Art of Thriving as a Self-Employed Creative: Unlocking Success and Balance

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, the allure of full-time self-employment beckons to many creative individuals seeking autonomy, fulfilment, and the chance to shape their own destiny. This engaging and thought-provoking talk dives into the intriguing journey of making the leap into full-time self-employment, exploring the intricate balance between personal well-being, business growth, and artistic pursuits. Drawing from personal experiences and practical insights, we will delve into key strategies that enable creative professionals to thrive and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of self-employment.
Join us as we unravel the art of thriving as a self-employed creative, empowering you with practical tools, inspiring anecdotes, and invaluable insights. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that unlocks your true potential, enabling you to forge a fulfilling and prosperous path in the ever-evolving world of self-employment.

Annie Norris – Studio Owner, Performer, Coach, OG Poler:
Coaching Yourself to Business Success – Keeping going, staying motivated and innovative, all while living and working true to your values

Lucy Cropper – Coach, Mentor and Studio Owner:
Boundaries and Burnout – Accountability to look after yourself when running a busy business

Teaching in any capacity is really hard work. Running a studio is relentless, and the past few years have been no joke for anyone in our Industry.
But the big question is, are you just a little tired and worn out, or are you experiencing something more serious?
Are you already aware of your burnout status but unsure and/or unable to move forward?
In this 30 minute seminar, Lucy will be giving you personal tips on how to move through life and business with this debilitating situation. As CONNECTION is one of the key factors in recovery from burnout, Lucy would really love this session to be as interactive as possible, so please bring your ideas, questions and experiences.

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